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Tips for Decorating the Rug


Decorations are part of festivals and guests will be glad to find homes that look beautiful and appealing. These decorations can go anywhere, and the rug is one place that you start with. But you shouldn’t place anything and everything because that cannot be classified as decorations. Since we understand your struggle, we are here to help you out. So, here are all the right tips that you need to follow for decorating your rug in the proper manner.

The Colour Scheme

While choosing decorations, the first thing that you need to ensure is the colour scheme because they play a massive role in the process. The right colour scheme will light up your home, and the wrong one will make guests uncomfortable. Since the former is all one wants, you need to start by making a plan. This particular plan should be able to cover all aspects and the right colour that will suit your home. So the colour needs to be in sync with your paint, and everything should blend in well. Hence you have a lot of homework to do.

The Number Factor

The number of rugs that you own is another aspect that will go a long way in making matters more appealing. If you have one rug, then you should not go overboard with decorations. But if you own two, then the first thing you need to worry about is space. Placing them in the right room is the first step and decorations are the second step. Both these rugs need to be at the right place, and that should be based on matters like space and comfort. Once that is completed, you need to start decorating by placing things on the rug that make it even. So a lot of research is required to make everything fall into place.

The Terms of Display

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to need to place a rug on the floor. With the type of rugs that you get in the market, you can place them anywhere and everywhere. Some rugs go up on the wall, and there are ones that cover the roof. Hence, pick the right one that suits your room and not your interest. Therefore, grab a bag and head out to the market.

Creative Shapes

Shape is another factor for a rug that makes all the difference. Rugs are not particularly rectangle, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This opens the door for creative methods, so time to think out of the box. Different shapes and matching decorations will help you set the house on fire. Hence, have fun decorating the entire place.






Area Rugs in San Francisco


I think that there are little things you can bring and take with you everywhere you go to make a place really pop. When people make walls a hearty color like yellow I feel that it brings out the happiness in a room. Scientifically Yellow can make anyone smile. If you have a well sunlit room with yellow walls and a plant like a succulent then that can have a homestyle feel. The design I just described would be New York flat style. I am into theatre and set designs and the most interesting part to me is when they can make a set that looks exactly like a real house. I watched a Raisin in The Sun and the set looked like a real project in the streets on New York City during the 50’s when looking for area rugs in San Francisco.

My favorite interior designing tip would be getting mirrors to add sunlight to a room. When I was moving into my dorm I felt that I needed to do a lot of decorating by myself so I looked up some tips. when I first walked in, there was not much in the room so I had to get creative. I couldn’t paint walls but I did have money to do something better. I bought LED lights that change color based off of temperature.

Blue signifying cool and Red indicating heat. usually during the day they would be a reddish color due to the sunlight hitting the sensor. Nights were the best when it was cool. It felt like a safe space all wrapped up in the blanket with the blue lights and the feeling of serenity. Another tip that I have used is to go green with everything. I use that to make myself bolder. I would not say I have a lot of plants but the ones I do have make the air a little more thin and easier to breathe. I have allergies so every once in a while I had to bring out the inhaler. With the plant in the room I would not necessarily have to use the inhaler.

I would wake up in the middle of the night a lot and now that is not a necessity. It also makes the room look eco friendly and we know how important that is now a days. I love using my creative side to create looks. I enjoy making myself and others feel good also. My mother was a genius innovator and she was really handy in making unorthodox items into household decor. I admired that about her so I picked up some of these tips on my own as well as google as well.

Rugs, Rugs


Why I Love Home Decor


Decor most certainly has a heavy effect in my day to day life. Before I decorated my room back home for the first time I would always feel so embarrassed and ashamed and did not like spending time in my room or even having anyone up to my room. It just did not feel like me and it definitely had an effect on my mood. Luckily I was able to convince my parents to let me remodel my room and updated it to more of my modern taste and it was just so much more enjoyable and it felt like my personality was finally being represented in my room. Now I can finally spend a lot more time in my room at home and let other people into it and feel good about what others are seeing.

I have also noticed how important decoration is since I have been in college. It gives you a taste of each person’s personality or even a look into their life. It also matters a lot when you are in college because you spend a majority of your time in your room or in a friend’s room and if there was not any decoration in anyone’s room it would just always feel so dreary and lifeless and then you would not want to stay at college. It is most certainly a comforting thing to be able to go back to your dorm room and be able to enjoy the setting you are in. It is so important also when you are in a place where everyone has the same generic room that you are able to make it into something you love and that feels like home to you so it sticks out to you. That is why I feel decor truly matters in everyone’s life.