Decor most certainly has a heavy effect in my day to day life. Before I decorated my room back home for the first time I would always feel so embarrassed and ashamed and did not like spending time in my room or even having anyone up to my room. It just did not feel like me and it definitely had an effect on my mood. Luckily I was able to convince my parents to let me remodel my room and updated it to more of my modern taste and it was just so much more enjoyable and it felt like my personality was finally being represented in my room. Now I can finally spend a lot more time in my room at home and let other people into it and feel good about what others are seeing.

I have also noticed how important decoration is since I have been in college. It gives you a taste of each person’s personality or even a look into their life. It also matters a lot when you are in college because you spend a majority of your time in your room or in a friend’s room and if there was not any decoration in anyone’s room it would just always feel so dreary and lifeless and then you would not want to stay at college. It is most certainly a comforting thing to be able to go back to your dorm room and be able to enjoy the setting you are in. It is so important also when you are in a place where everyone has the same generic room that you are able to make it into something you love and that feels like home to you so it sticks out to you. That is why I feel decor truly matters in everyone’s life.